Bed Oregon (Strawberry syrup with pineapple juice lime juice blend with ice and Limca]
 Black Ebony (Black current syrup pineapple juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup ice and Limca)
 Blue Haven (Blue Coraco fresh mint Lemon juice, Ice and sprite)
 Bose Lemonade (Bose Syrup lemon juice with ice and sprite)
 Cinderella (Lichi Syrup + Orange Juice + Lichi Juice + Lemon]
 Cinderella (Litchi Syrup & Orange juice mix with lemon juice ice and limca]
 Eboni [Black currant Syrup + Orange Juice +Fresh Lime Juice + Lemon]
 Gova Meri [Gova Juice + Salt + Piper Powder + FreshLime Juice + Coriander Leaves]
 Green Ice burg (Khush syrup with fresh mint, lemon chunk, ice and soda]
 Italian Smooch (Lemon chunk Lime juice, Ginger Syrup Ice and Sprite)
 Italian Smooth [Lemon + Refined Sugar + Ginger + Cock]
 Kiwi Jambo (kiwi syrup Orange juice shakes together with lemon chunk ice and sprite)
 Kiwi Kaboom [Kiwi Syrup + Orange Juice + Pineapple Juice + Fresh Lime Juice +Lemon]
 Lemon Orange Blossom [Orange Syrup + Orange Juice + Pineapple Juice + Lemon]
 Mango Mania (Mango syrup orange juice, lemon juice, ice and sod splash of cock)
 Mango Mania Pineapple Blossom [Pineapple Syrup + Orange Juice + Pineapple Juice + Lemon]
 Nagpur Boys (Orange syrup with strawberry syrup blended with orange juice ice and sprite)
 One Day In (Cadbury Juice + Orange Juice + FreshLemon Juice + Chillies + Salt To Test)
 Peach Blaster [Peach Syrup + Orange Syrup + PineappleJuice + Fresh Lime Juice +Lemon]
 Red Diamond [Grenadian Syrup + Pineapple Juice +Fresh Lime Juice + Lemon]
 Sweet Devials (Pineapple syrup mango juice, and lemon juice mix with sugar syrup ice and limca)
 Virgin Iceland [Strawberry Syrup + Cadbury Juice + Orange Juice + Fresh Lime Juice + Lemon]
 Virgin Merri (Tomato Juice + Salt + Piper Powder +Tobacco + Worcestershire Sauce)
 Virgin mojhi to (Fresh Mint, Lemon Chunk Sugar, Lime Juice Crushed iced and soda)
 Virgin Mojito [Fresh Lime Juice + Refined Sugar+ Mint + Lemon]